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Advocacy, BlogIn My Veins

During my visit to child care homes in Andhra Pradesh in 2014, I met several children who were orphaned or had lost one parent. Almost all of them were living […]Read More

Advocacy, BlogEnd the War on Drug Users

November 1st has been observed as International Drug Users Day since 1995. Globally, there is a growing movement by activists and policy experts calling for de-criminalisation of drug users. India […]Read More

Advocacy, BlogDo I Count?

I was born and raised in Kolkata, when it was still called Calcutta, into an educated middle class family. An only child, I was born male. I think I must […]Read More

Advocacy, BlogFrom Addiction to Action

Francis Joseph is Programme Officer for Hridaya, our HIV and harm reduction programme in India supported through the five-country Community Action on Harm Reduction (CAHR) programme with funding from the Government of the […]Read More

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