Silent Pandemic

Silent Pandemic
HIV came to the international attention of the medical and science community in the early 1980s but prior to this, it had quietly made its way across several continents.
India reports its first AIDS case

India reports its first AIDS case. It begins from here. India detected two cases of HIV in Chennai and Mumbai amongst women sex workers.

Silent epidemic got a Voice

The Indian Government established a national AIDS committee under the health ministry to formulate strategy for responding to HIV/AIDS cases in the country.

An exponential rise of HIV

India saw an exponential increase in the spread of HIV.

Red Ribbon Project

Red Ribbon became an international symbol of solidarity and support for people living with HIV. Wearing a red ribbon is a simple yet powerful way to challenge the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

National AIDS Control Organisation

National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) was established along with 32 States AIDS Control Societies. National AIDS Research Institute (NARI) established.

India HIV/AIDS Alliance formed

India HIV/AIDS Alliance (Alliance India) was formed to accelerate HIV response.

Media Coverage

HIV gains media attention in a positive way. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission programme introduced.

Free Treatment

Free Antiretroviral Treatment in India.

Delhi High Court strikes down section 377 of IPC

First Transgender Mapping: India begins to understand the transgender population as they are one of the key populations at higher risk of HIV

Formation of Indian Drug Users Forum

Demand for appropriate services for the vulnerable population, not limiting to HIV prevention and treatment.

Third Gender

The landmark decision by the Supreme Court of India to recognise transgender people as third gender, affirmed their fundamental rights under the constitution of India.

India became a Fast Track country

India became fast track country. Incidences of HIV reduced by 57% – India considered a success story.

Prevention Programme

The global 90:90:90 strategy adopted by the Government of India.


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