Reaching the last mile to achieve HIV targets

"Our programmes foster wellbeing, realise equality, and affirm the dignity of communities most affected by HIV"

Alliance India works in partnership with civil society, the government of India and communities to support sustained response to HIV in India and build healthier communities. HIV services are broadly provided under the prevention and treatment programmes. HIV prevention services aimed at reducing transmission of HIV by building safety around the transmission routes such as – mother to child, sexual contact, sharing needles to inject drugs and blood transfusion etc. The treatment and care services include enabling access and supporting adherence to HIV treatment and managing opportunistic infections. Besides, HIV programmes address stigma and social and economic barriers impeding individuals from accessing quality services.

India is among the countries with the highest burden of the three of the world’s most fatal communicable diseases – HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis. These disproportionately affect the country’s poorest and most marginalized populations. An estimated 2.3 million Indians are living with HIV (NACO Report, 2020). People Living With HIV (PLHIV) are up to 21 times at higher risk of developing tuberculosis (TB). 25 % of all deaths among PLHIV are attributed to TB.

India has made huge progress in curbing the epidemic in the past few decades. According to the NACO report 2020, India achieved an 86% decline in annual new HIV infections since the peak of 1997 and annual AIDS-related deaths have declined by almost 78%.

We must continue to accelerate progress in prevention, treatment and adherence because the overall coverage of the ART programme in India stands at just 63% against the global target of putting 95% PLHIV on ART by 2030. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating obstacles to ensuring that we continue to make progress as before. Hence, we must remain focused to achieve the last mile in HIV response and ensure that no one is left behind.

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