Harassment in the heart of the city

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My name is Prince, and I am a 24 year old guy working in a senior position with a leading multinational company in Delhi. I love to live my life to the fullest. Coincidentally, I am gay, that is I am attracted to men. I am very comfortable with my sexuality, and I love my manhood. This is me!

Few months back, I met up with one of my close friends, who identifies himself as a heterosexual. He knows every aspect of my life and is comfortable with my sexuality. That evening, we decided to meet at Connaught Place in Delhi; with its extensive range of bars, pubs and restaurants, we felt pretty set for the night. Truly, life is beautiful, when you are sitting with your close friends. The weather seemed to reflect my mood, with a cool breeze blowing.

We sat in the nearby park to enjoy the evening. The conversation turned towards my sexuality, and the issues faced by homosexuals and transgenders in the country, specifically the deep level of homophobia prevailing in the society. I remember him saying the fact, “The people in this world will make you feel like hell just because of what you are!” As we sat there enjoying the evening, we did not realize how his words were going to be a reality very soon!

Suddenly, a young boy, who was half my height and seemed thin and delicate, stood in front of me and said, “Ae chal na, iske saath maze kar rahi hai thoda humko bhi maze dede!” (Stop giving fun only to him, ‘give me’ also some fun!) I was stunned on hearing this, unable to believe what he just said, and so I gave him an awkward reaction to send him away! With no sense of fear or shame, he continued speaking profanities, such as telling my friend “sahi maal” (good catch) and ” Mereko leni hai teri!” (I want to f*** you!). And, then this young boy used his tiny hands to touch my waist and grab my chest from behind! The touch made me shiver in fear and shock. My friend took his photograph and asked him his age. He replied, “10 years!”

The thought that made me dizzy.

Was I molested by a 10 years old child in public?! I blamed myself, and wondered how I did not see this coming. And, I felt worse that if such a thing could happen to me when I am overtly masculine, the everyday fate of effeminate boys, transgenders and cross-dressers must be sickening.

I went home that night, frustrated and dejected. I wanted to put in a complaint against the boy, but I am gay. And just by that, I am an illegal person in this country!

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