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Action, BlogShatter the Silence

Rapes and physical assaults faced by transgenders and hijras are more common than one would like to admit, especially in a country like India wherein patriarchal norms and machismo idea […]Read More

Action, BlogA Day to Remember

On my recent visit to Alliance India, two of my colleagues, Abhina and Mona, kindly took time out of their busy schedules to introduce me to two community-based organizations (CBOs) […]Read More

Action, BlogHalf the Earth

As I concluded my recent technical support visits and returned to Delhi, I was filled with many thoughts and new learning. This happens every time we visit the community and […]Read More

Action, BlogThe Chanura Kol Project

[youtube] The India HIV/AIDS Alliance in partnership with SASO, implements the Chanura Kol project in Manipur. This project is funded by the Elton John AIDS Foundation and serves to […]Read More

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