Uniting Against Discrimination: Women form advocacy groups to respond to cases of violence

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Alliance India understands the power of community participation and engagement. In partnership with the Manipur-based local NGO, Social Awareness Service Organisation (SASO), the Chanura Kol project has established four Core Advocacy Groups to help women who inject drugs, many of whom are sex workers.

Each advocacy group, comprised of 10-15 members consisting of female injecting drug users, sex workers or their pimps, serves to address stigma and discrimination faced by women who inject drugs as well the frequently reported cases of violence experienced by them. Group members have received training on advocacy and documentation and, since the establishment of the groups in early 2011, have responded close to 100 cases of violence, harassment and extortion by women who inject drugs.

The reported incidents that these advocacy groups have responded to included domestic violence and harassment by sexual partners and security forces. The latter are notorious for extorting money particularly from female injecting drug users who engage in sex work. Each of the reported incidents was responded to within 48 hours during which time the advocacy groups provided support to those affected and their families.

Group members also held sensitization and advocacy meetings with those involved in perpetrating the violence. Although these advocacy groups were initiated last year, SASO has implemented the creation of support groups since 2007 in keeping with its belief that these groups play an important role in garnering community involvement and family support, facets that are integral to the recovery of vulnerable women who inject drugs.


India HIV/AIDS Alliance in partnership with SASO, implements the Chanura Kol project in Manipur. Funded by the Elton John AIDS Foundation, the project serves to expand interventions to decrease HIV transmission and reduce drug relapse among female injection drug users (FIDUs).

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