Empowering Transgender Community to create an Equal World

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Hi, I am Radhika. I face many challenges as a Trans woman when it comes to finding my place in society. The lack of respect and acceptance from others makes it even harder for me to embrace my identity. The limited opportunities and resources available to people like us further complicate our lives. It’s disheartening to think that although being unique is often seen as a blessing, it doesn’t always feel that way for us. 


Nevertheless, I am determined to prove myself and make a positive impact. I am currently doing a beautician course, which will enable me to support myself and take care of my family. Moreover, I am pursuing a degree in astrology, exploring new areas of knowledge and personal growth. 


During the lockdown, Alliance India provided immense support to our community, who were facing numerous hardships. We struggled to access even the most basic necessities like medicine and food. Fortunately, Alliance India came to our rescue and supplied us with essential items such as dry rations, medicines, and hygiene kits containing gloves, masks, sanitiser and soap. Alliance India also organises health camps which have proven to be incredibly beneficial for us. Seeking medical help can be challenging due to the stigma and discrimination we often face from hospital staff. Moreover, healthcare expenses are often beyond our means. Thankfully, the team not only addresses these issues but also assists us in obtaining identification cards. For individuals like us, having an ID card can be life changing. It allows us to live as legal citizens and grants access to various welfare programs, including skills training, scholarships, shelter homes, and insurance benefits. 


My ultimate goal is to empower and educate the transgender community, ensuring everyone knows their rights. I aspire for every trans person to live a life of dignity and good health.  


Alliance India