To improve employment and income opportunities for young people registered with our Vihaan Care and Support programme who do not have any source of income with the aim to increase individual and household incomes, elevation from poverty and resilience to the socioeconomic impact due to HIV and overall improved quality of life.    Vihaan programme data revealed that there are 4,163 young people between the age bracket of 15-25 which includes 1,470 male, 2,693 females and 189 transgender and more than 70% of them did not have any formal employment.   In 2018, with support from HSBC Skills and Oracle, Alliance India selected seven priority states: Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Bhopal, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab and Manipur with the objective of providing skills training and job placement to youth aged 18 to 30 who were either living with HIV or affected by it. The project partnered with training institutes to provide the training on skills ranging from accounting, beauty, tailoring, electrician and plumbing, electronics repairing, and communication in customer care sector etc. The project successfully empowered 555 youth with employable skills of which 282 were successfully placed in jobs or were self-employed.

Resilient & Empowered Adolescent & Young People – Ready++ (2018 – 2019)


Harm Reduction Advocacy in Asia (2017-2021)


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