Enhancing access to sexual & reproductive health services for female sex workers.  Evidence, both global and national, has shown that linking HIV and SRH services provide a valuable impetus to encourage uptake of prevention, treatment, and care and support services, especially by people living with HIV (PLHIV) and key populations, including FSWs. With this approach in mind, Alliance India with funding support from MAC AIDS Fund has initiated a pilot programme Abhaya or FSWs in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. Abhaya worked towards expanding access to complementary SRH services, including basic information, counselling, referrals and linkages to facilities providing required services. In addition, Abhaya buildt the capacity of healthcare providers to address the specific needs of FSWs. Abhaya also engaged in advocacy with the government to identify opportunities to adapt and scale up expanded access to SRH services for FSWs Abhaya provided FSW with a significant role in the implementation of the programme at all stages to increase ownership and the potential for sustainability of the initiative. The programme reached nearly 4,500 FSW and their partners, helping them better identify their SRH needs and access quality services thus empowering them to protect their overall health and well-being.

Pehchan (2010 – 2015


Ahavan (2004-2014)


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