Wajood, based on learnings from Pehchan, is a ground-breaking rights-based programme that strengthens the capacity of community-based organisations to provide effective, inclusive and sustainable HIV prevention programming for transgenders and hijras. Incidentally, Wajood also meaning ‘identity’ or ‘pride’ in Hindi and Urdu,
Funded by Amplify Change , Wajood focuses on enhancing access to sexual health, mitigating violence and providing linkages to social welfare and entitlement schemes for the transgenders and hijra community. Presently, the project is being implemented in five Indian states, namely Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Wajood aims to reach 6,000 transgenders and hijras in two years, from November 2015 to October 2017. India HIV/AIDS Alliance is implementing this project in partnership with Basera Samajik Sansthan, Sangama and Lakshya Trust partners.


Wajood works towards mitigating gender based violence, challenging stigma and discrimination, and advocating for community-friendly laws and policies. This is done by strengthening community-led organisations and systems, and expanding access to quality sexual health services. The project also focuses on improving awareness and reporting on gender-based and sexual violence against transgenders/ hijras by building the capacities of Crisis Response Teams to mitigate and prevent such violence.

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