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Prioritizing Operational Research

Through our robust programme implementation, Alliance India has been generating new evidence and data for evidence-based strategic planning and programme implementation to support HIV response to achieve the global target of 90-90-90.  In addition to that, Alliance India undertakes implementation researches including operational and evaluation studies to add new scientific knowledge that can inform programmes and policies, therefore improving access, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the HIV and harm reduction responses in India and Asia region.

To ensure correct scientific methods and protect human ethics in research, especially with the key populations, Alliance India constituted Institutional Ethics Review Board (IRB) in 2017. The Alliance IRB is duly recognized by the Office of the Human Research Protection (OHRP), US Department of Health and Human Services. It is multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial in composition and has representation from the community organization, social scientists, public health experts and research institutions of national and international repute.  Since its inception, the IRB has reviewed nine proposals which included impact evaluation studies from various programs implemented by Alliance India along with some cutting-edge research grants implemented by Alliance India. In the year 2018-19, two meetings of Alliance India IRB were conducted dated May 8, 2018, and February 11, 2019. During these meetings, four proposals were reviewed and approved by the IRB.

Alliance India has also been recognised as Scientific and Industrial Research Organisations (SlROs) by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Currently, Alliance India is involved in two implementation research studies:

  1. Study the feasibility of Oral TDF-containing PrEP, administered, once-daily orally to men having sex with men (MSM) and transgender individuals (TGW) in India. The research is being carried out in collaboration with ICMR Delhi (Funded), NARI (Pune), Alliance India and Shaan Foundation in Jalandhar with guidance and close coordination with NACO and SACS.
  2. Study to understand the role of Stigma on antiretroviral initiation and retention among HIV positive MSM/TW+H in collaboration with Albert Einstein College of Medicine, National Institute of Health (NIH), USA guidance in close coordination with NACO and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.


Evaluation studies conducted in the last financial year.

  1. Baseline Assessment of project titled WINGS “Reducing Gender-Based Violence/Intimate Partner Violence and HIV prevention among Women Who Use Drugs in India”
  2. End line Assessment of project titled Prayas “Community Preparedness for HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) among Hijra/Trans Women in India”
  3. Impact Assessment Study of the project titled Ujwala “Increasing Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV and reducing Gender-Based Violence among women in sex work”
  4. Baseline Evaluation of project titled HR Asia “Strengthening HIV and Harm Reduction Responses for PWIDs in Asia”
  5. End line Assessment of project titled WINGS “Reducing Gender-Based Violence/Intimate Partner Violence and HIV prevention among Women Who Use Drugs in India”
  6. Impact Assessment Study under “Piloting Different Ways of Measuring Outcomes” Long Term Impact Assessment of Programme titled “Pehchan”

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