End Aids India

End AIDS India campaign by Alliance India is an initiative which aims to connect to a larger audience and help create alternative funding to strengthen HIV response in India. The campaign collaborates with partners across boundaries to raise awareness and mobilise financial resources across the globe to support local communities in their fight against the epidemic.

The saying ‘big changes start with small steps’ is true for the campaign. The campaign apart from bridging the funding gap is enabling a huge population to access information, get connected to treatment, and more importantly, contribute towards building a stigma-free and healthier India. The campaign in its endeavour to make an equitable and stigma-free India has connected to more than 5 million people.

As Alliance India looks beyond HIV to encompass other co-infections like tuberculosis, hepatitis C & B along with fighting health pandemics like COVID-19, the campaign intends to scale up to help provide a meaningful, dignified and healthier future to vulnerable populations in India.


Alliance India