With the objective to increase awareness and access to Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for transgender and hijra communities as a service within combination prevention, Prayas(meaning attempt) project was implemented in November […]Read More

Action Project

In a region where taboos prevent open discussions about sex, the Action Project opened up spaces for such conversations among young people in India and Bangladesh. Funded by the European Union, the project supported community mobilisation and advocacy to improve sexual & reproductive health (SRH) of young people.Read More

Chanura Kol

Often neglected, women who inject drugs are a highly marginalised and vulnerable population in need of a comprehensive response to meet their health and social needs. With support from the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Alliance India partnered with Social Awareness Social Organisation to mitigate the impact of drug use and HIV on these women through the Chanura Kol project – named with the Manipuri words for ‘garden of women.’ Through a holistic, community-based model, Chanura Kol met immediate health, protection and psychosocial needs of women who inject drugs.Read More

Asia Action on Harm Reduction

Worldwide an estimated 16 million people inject drugs, and three million of them are living with HIV. In India, HIV prevalence in this group is 24-times that of the general population. Though progress has been made, the HIV epidemic continues to be fuelled by stigma, discrimination often experienced by the community together with the laws, policies and practices that impose harsh penalties on people who use drugs.Read More


Named for the Hindi word for ‘wish,’ CHAHA was India’s first large-scale care & support programme for children, families and communities affected by HIV/AIDS.Read More


Female sex workers (FSWs) have considerable unmet sexual & reproductive health (SRH) needs due to their occupations and social marginalization.Read More


Avahan India AIDS Initiative was a focused prevention initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that worked in six states of India to reduce HIV transmission and lower the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections in vulnerable high-risk populations – female sex workers (FSWs), men who have sex with men (MSM), transgenders, people who inject drugs (PWID) – through prevention education and services. Alliance India was designated a state lead partner for Avahan in Andhra Pradesh (AP).Read More

Alliance India